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Liquid Bubbles

A New Era
of Recruitment


Build For The Future

At In 2 Ed, we understand the unique nature of agency work and the concerns about career progression it might bring. That's why we're dedicated to not just filling positions but creating pathways for your career advancement. Whether your journey with us lasts a month or over a year, our goal is to support your progress—potentially towards a permanent role within your ideal school. While the decision to hire permanently rests with the schools, our strong relationships across London Boroughs ensure you're always connected to the best opportunities. Ready to explore the possibilities and kickstart your career ASAP? Let's find the perfect role for you together.

Operational Excellence

At the heart of our operational excellence lie Sean and Lizzie, our dedicated team members who ensure the seamless day-to-day functioning of our agency. With a keen eye on our Fast-Track process, meticulous attention to vetting and compliance checks, and personalised arrangement of introduction days to schools, they are the linchpins of our operation. Beyond their roles, Sean and Lizzie embody the compassion and commitment that define our service. Their unwavering dedication not only keeps our business running smoothly but also creates a warm, welcoming environment for all Teaching Assistants. With Sean and Lizzie overseeing operations, you can rest assured that your journey with us will be handled with care, professionalism, and a personal touch that makes all the difference. Their efforts ensure that we maintain the highest standards of service, making your transition into your next role as smooth and supportive as possible.


Meet the Founder

I founded In 2 Ed driven by a personal mission—to replicate my own transformative journey for others. My adventure began 12 years ago when I registered with an agency that secured me a trial day at a school. That trial day marked the beginning of what would become the best job I've ever had, working through the agency for two incredible years. It wasn't just a job; it was the key to opportunities I never imagined possible.

This pivotal experience propelled me into the world of recruitment, eventually leading me to a role as a recruitment consultant within a large corporate agency. However, disillusioned by the impersonal and transactional nature of big corporate operations, I was inspired to start something different—something better.

In 2 Ed is the culmination of that inspiration. Our journey might not mirror exactly, but the essence remains the same. We've helped hundreds of teaching assistants embark on their paths, many of whom have progressed to become teachers, while others have taken diverse career trajectories. It's about gaining invaluable experience, accumulating solid references, and networking effectively—all of which can set the foundation for your future, just as it did for mine.

So, what does your journey look like? Let's find out together.

Jamie O'Donoghue

CEO - In 2 Ed

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