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The Fact Sheet 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I become a Teaching Assistant without experience?


Yes, you can! Experience is desirable, but it’s all about how you apply yourself to the role itself. Why not do a paid days’ work in one of our schools and make your decision after that.

What schools do you work with within my area?

Once we have your CV & References, we will create a digital profile for you, and every school in your chosen area will be notified of your availability. The turnaround time is very quick, especially if you are looking for full-time work.  We get new vacancies every couple of days, so it's about being available and ready. 


How much do I get paid?


Your pay will be between £75-£85 per day, paid weekly, monthly, or fortnightly. You will also get a tax-free threshold of £12,570, and not pay PAYE tax until you earn over it. You will automatically be enrolled in the NEST Pension Scheme.

You can also refer a friend from your course and get £50 per referral, once they complete a full week's work.


Do I get paid during the school holidays?


We run regular holiday programmes and have consistent work available during the school holidays. 


Do I need to commit to Teacher Training in the future?


No, you don’t. However, it is inevitable that you will skip the queue if you get some experience under your belt before applying.


Will I have training and resources available, if I do want to progress into teaching?


Most definitely. This experience is what you want to make of it. If you want to become a teacher, additional training, resources, and support will be available to you. We work with several schools that provide their own in-house Teacher Training Schemes.


What other career paths are available to me after In 2 Ed?


We could sit here all day and list the options, because of the number of transferable skills you gain working in a professional setting (like a school). Confidence, Resilience, Cooperation, Problem Solving, Team Work, Flexibility, Diversity, etc. The list goes on. An excellent reference and 1-2 years of experience under your belt as a Teaching Assistant will really open doors for you in the future, even if you are choosing to leave the education sector.


How long does the registration process take?


The process is a simple exchange of online documents. The speed of the process is managed by you.


Is In 2 Ed an Agency?


We are an organisation that provides a platform for progress through advertising and marketing with schools. We put you in touch with schools and the negotiations are between you and them. If there is no permanent role available, they will offer you a temp option through In 2 Ed or one of their preferred agencies. 


Can I start working as a Teaching Assistant whilst I'm doing my Degree?


Of course, you can. The moment you are available full time (8:30 am-3:30 pm, Monday to Friday) you can start working in a school full time. If you are yet to graduate and wish to gain paid experience in between your studies, then you can let us know which day in the week you are available, and we will put you into a school that day.


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